All Artwork, Photographs, Music and Video are original




All Artwork, Photographs, Music and Video are original




My name is Kimbra Eberly. I am a musician, tv producer, film producer, and a writer. Yes I am a person of many interests.

I have been playing and writing music for over 30 years. 

In a low point in my life, my nephew Jason Brubaker, a filmmaker and owner of Filmmaking stuff, encouraged me to get involved with a local tv station. I took his advice.

It was then that I decided to do my first tv show about music. The show "Frequency" was created and I was the first guest.  This particular show explored musicians, the music and their lives.  

Back then, being single and dating came with many adventures. This gave me some ideas. The script "The Artist" was written.  But I needed some movie making experience. 

I made a practice run and produced "Greenlight" a finished indie film that had many issues, with the writer, director and unfortunately because of legal reasons, the film was only ever shown once. Live and learn.  

I pulled out the script for "The Artist" and decided to go for it with a new film crew. Along with Kenny Graham and many people who helped me, "The Artist" came to life and was an official selection in the Staten Island Film festival.


Next was "The Directors Chair," a TV show hosted by Rock Jock Jonathan Clarke, which highlighted interviews of filmmakers and screened their films.  "The Directors Chair TV Film Festival was created as a result of the tv show.  We coupled live tv and filmmaking together to have one of the only live broadcast film festival in the country, over 24 hours of live broadcasting.  After five years, the funding got dropped.  


Going back to my roots, music, I am currently producing the tv show RAW, which features singer/songwriters and their music.  It explores the process of songwriting and of course some great performances.  The show airs every Thursday night at 10pm on channel 79, Spectrum and Fios.  RAW is an awarding winning show, winning the Nova Award for Best Music entertainment show in 2013 and 2014.  

Next, I have always had an interest in Lizzie Borden, the famous hatchet murderer. I decided to write a book, which took two years to complete, which will be out this Fall.

Last, I have created a Pop up theatre group and have produced many shows in our little black box theatre.


Film credits include: Greenlight, The Artist, The Trap, Secret Order.

TV show credits include: Frequency, The Directors Chair, The Keesha and Kim show, What do you Believe?, and currently, RAW.  

Producing credits for theatre include: “The Grand Guignol”, “Into Madness, back to Sanity”, “The Checklist”, “Mystical Journeys and Beyond”.