The Lab is the most popular dog in the USA. It ranks first in AKC Dog Ranking.  This breed originated in Canada. Their ORIGINAL job was to retrieve the fish that fell out of Fishermen's nets.  Maybe this is why they love water so much. 

Labrador Retrievers were bred with a protective layer of fat to help insulate them while retrieving prey from the cold waters.  The result, this breed has more fat mass than other breeds. They also have a water resistant coat.  

Labs are beautiful dogs however the one issue they may have when they get older is joint problems.

Overall Labs are very easy dogs to train as they love to please. They are a great family Pet. 

Labrador Retrievers are excellent at obedience, hunting, retrieving, tracking, police work, narcotics detection, guide dog work, service and therapy work, search and rescue, agility, and many other things.

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