You brought home a new puppy.  This is fantastic news.  What new pet parents are not aware of are all the dangers in the house that could make your puppy ill, or even cause death.  Just like a having a child, you must doggy proof your house. 

COMMON FOOD DANGERS: Food items that are beneficial to humans can be toxic to dogs.  A few items to note:
1. Chocolate, grapes, and raisins are toxic to dogs.
2. Medications such as, painkillers, cold medicines, vitamins, diet pills and other meds are all toxic to dogs. 
3. Leftovers such as chicken bones can choke a dog.
4. Rawhide and doggie chews can break off in pieces and choke a dog.  Always supervise while in use.

COMMON CHEMICAL DANGERS:  Things to look for
1. Drink a tainted substance
2. Clean a toxic substance from their fur
3. Eat a poisoned pest
4. Antifreeze, has a sweet taste that attracts animals, but is deadly if consumed.
5. Chemicals used on lawns and gardens, fertilizer and plant food.
6. Rodent poison and insecticides
7. De-icing salts used to melt snow and ice can be poisonous. Get pet safe ice melt.

1. String, yarn, rubber bands, coins and even dental floss are easy to swallow and can cause intestinal blockages or strangulations.
2. Toys with removable parts (squeaky toys, or stuffed animals with plastic parts, eyes, ribbon) dogs can choke on.  As a rule of thumb, always use toys no smaller than a ping-pong ball.
3. Balls can be deadly if they are too small.
4. Tug toys are fine if your dog is gentle.  If you are too ruff and aggressive, tug games can make your dog aggressive too.  This may cause problems later on. 
5.  Household plants can be deadly. 

1. Make sure all doors, including patio entrances are closed.
2. Make sure any pet door is the right size.
3. Keep any dangerous food, such as chocolate, out of reach.
4. Keep medications out of reach.
5. Make sure all the garbage is secure.
6. Check that all cleaning supplies are out of reach.
7. Keep dangerous objects off the floor.
8. Close the lid to the toilet bowl and stop using sanitizing flush.
9.  Put away all sharp objects that might cut your dog's paws or mouth.
10. Put Childproof latches on the cabinets.
11. Dog proof plants in the household.
12. Pick up items that could be dangerous if swallowed.
13. Place pesticides out of reach and replace them with non toxic
14. Give your puppy lots of toys so he dosnt chew on electric wiring. 

Keep emergency numbers handy. I use a magnet and put the numbers on my fridge.  Keep a first aid kit. Know how much your dog weighs. Most meds are measured out by the weight of your dog. 

If you think your dog has consumed a dangerous product, the first thing you must determine is what the substance is.  Read product label for the list of ingredients and instructions for accidental ingestion.  Call your vet immediately. 

Observe your dogs symptoms.  If she is vomiting or has diarrhea, you may want to take samples to the vet to help the diagnosis. 

Hopefully, you will never have to worry about these things.