The "Be Geule" originated in France and it means Gaped throat. It was originally a breed for tracking hares by scent.  The Beagle has approximately 200 million scent receptors and his wet nose holds smell. He is a voracious eater. What i love about the Beagle is his bark. He has three different bark sounds, a standard bark, a bay bark(used when hunting) and a howl.  His long ears help trap scents and keep them close to his nose. All Beagles have a white tipped tail. 

Beagles are friendly, loyal, curious and sometimes can be stubborn.  They are great with children and the perfect pet for a family.  They are very social and need lots of interaction.  Because Beagles have a hunting instinct you need to be careful if you have other small pets in the house such as hamsters, mice, etc. He may bring you a present one day.