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Mystical Journeys and Beyond

Showtime -
October 18 - 8pm
October 19 - 8pm
October 20 - 3pm

Just Cake
Written by Kimbra Eberly &
Lawrence F. Schwabacher
Directed by Kimbra Eberly
Cast -
Alisa - Carissa Pignatelli
Belinda - Eileen Hanlon
Einstein- Brian Laub
Sister Mary- Helene Bucchieri

America’s Most Haunted Spooky Ghost-Hunting Adventures in the Paranormal - Written by Christopher Mancuso
Directed by - Kimbra Eberly
Alex - Carissa Pignatelli
Stan -Dan Wuerdeman
Frank - Mike Quinn
Gina - Marialana DiMarzio
Amy - Helene Bucchieri
Ghost 1 - Helene Bucchieri
Ghost 2 - Mike Quinn

Written & Directed by
Lawrence F. Schwabacher
Magdalena -Milenka Berengolc
Norma - Eileen Bardel

Make up artist - Pedro Rodriguez
Musical guest - The Stevie Chicks
Kimbra Eberly
J. Montana
Leanne Surace

Kenneth Graham - Technical Director

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Checklist: is a collection of four short plays that give you an inside look at aging. Funny and heartfelt, the stories explore growing old, from aches and pains of the body, swing dancing, nursing homes and more, We all have had or know someone who are reaching the senior age. 

Blackbox theatre at Hub 17: Aug. 17, 18 & 19 - staten island advance

Hub 17 in Stapleton has made a reputation for providing a space for creatives to showcase their talent on the North Shore. This weekend, the Stapleton spot will bring

"Checklist" is a collection of four short plays that give the audience an inside look at aging. The stories acted out on stage explore growing old: From aches and pains of the body, swing dancing, nursing homes and beyond. Hey, can't we all relate? 

The plays involved in the series are"Better Days" - Written by Chris Mancuso; Directed by Kimbra Eberly; "For-get-me-not" - Written and Directed by Lawrence Schwabacher; "Swing" - Written and Directed by Lawrence Schwabacher and "Checklist" - Written and directed by Kimbra Eberly.

Admission is $20 and those interested in attending should book their seats in advance. Here are the dates: Friday, Aug. 17; Saturday, Aug. 18 at 8 p.m. and Sunday, Aug. 19 at 3 p.m. 

The cast of all four plays: Vincent Vok, Christopher Mancuso, Christine Simmone, Katie Unger, Daniel Wuerdeman, Lisa DiGennaro, Steve DiGennaro, Marialana DiMarzio, Helene Nicole, Mona Valore, Anne Young and Eileen Bardel.

And, of course, a production would be nothing without the crew behind the curtain.

Stage Director: Leanne Surace; Technical Director - Kenny Graham; Sound - Kimbra Eberly; Lights - Miriam Silver; Art Assistant - Patti Kelly; Make-up Artist - Caitlin Alyce Arizmendy.


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“Into the Madness and Back to Sanity” 

A new Black box theatre production. 
Produced by Lawrence F. Schwabacher and Kimbra Eberly
November- 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th Saturday nights at 8pm, Sunday matinees at 3pm Runtime: 1 hour, 20 minutes

Once again, Hub17 at 73 Wave Street, Staten Island NY, is being transformed into a small twenty-five seat Black Box Theatre. 
Hub17 is proud to be sponsoring 4 nights of performance theatre featuring six short plays.

This years plays feature playwrights and directors, Lawrence F. Schwabacher, Kimbra Eberly, Margaret Chase, and director of two plays, Mike Veasey.

The show features thirteen actors, many who are from Staten Island, and bunch of tech folk, all working together to bring you a cleverly, crafted production.

The plays are designed to dig deep and take the audience on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. The show includes: dating topics, music entertainment, dramatic truths about the world, emotional madness, bringing it home with “A revolution of Kindness” and love.

Into the Madness / Back to Sanity
RUNTIME: 1 hour 20 minutes
Produced by Lawrence F. Schwabacher and Kimbra Eberly

Hub17 - 73 Wave Street, Staten Island NY 10304
Show dates and times
Doors open 1/2 hour before show starts.

Saturday, November 11 - 8pm
Sunday,   November 12 - 3pm
Saturday, November 18 - 8pm
Sunday,   November 19 - 3pm

The Bacon Man 
Written by Kimbra Eberly
Directed by Mike Veasey
Monica - Shani Mitchell  
Biker - Christopher Koehler  
Waitress - Helene Bucchieri  

The Madness of Ivy Rose 
Written and Directed by Lawrence F. Schwabacher
Selma - Margaret Chase
Ivy Rose - Leanne Surace  
Mr. Ferris - Dan Wuerdeman  

Written and Directed by Margaret Chase
Younger woman - Shani Mitchell  
Older woman - Milenka Berengolc  

Written and Directed by Lawrence F. Schwabacher
Lady one - Christi Boland  
Lady two - Valerie Boland  

INTERMISSION - 10 minutes

The Bad Singer  
Written by Kimbra Eberly
Directed by Mike Veasey
Betty - Marialana DiMarzio  
Chuck - Joseph Daly  
Singer One - J. Montana
Singer Two - Kimbra Eberly

Revolution of Kindness  
Written and Directed by Kimbra Eberly
Margaret - Margaret Chase  
Viv - Helene Bucchieri  
Monica - Shani Mitchell
Betty - Marialana DiMarzio

Kenny Graham - tech support
Kimbra Eberly - music production
Louie Lake - tech audio
Miriam Silver - tech lights
Eileen Hanlon - tech cameras
Stephanie Kosinski - Artwork / Trees
Douglas LaTourette - Propmaster for Pendulum
Patti Kelly - Stage Assistant




Last weekend at Hub17, actors, playwrights, directors, a bunch of tech people, one extraordinary makeup artist, thirty-one people in all celebrated theatre with their own version of “The Grand Guignol.”

The Grand Guignol started when Artist, Douglas LaTourette approached Kimbra Eberly with the idea of having a Staten Island Grand Guignol.  He also wanted a severed head that would talk. 


With months of preparation, Hub17 was transformed into a small twenty-five seat black box theatre in order to bring you five plays in the horror genre that kept the audience on the edge of their seats. 

Staten Island playwright, Larry Schwabacher contributed his published play, “The Barn.” Kimbra Eberly wrote a Lizzie Borden play and “The fearless Ghost Hunter”. Chris Mancuso wrote “Room 309”,  a zombie apocalypse story and Brooke Haramija wrote “Dreams and Wishes” about a one hundred seventy-five year old woman. 

We could not have pulled this off without the help of experienced theatre people.  Among many, Jodi Garda and Larry Schwabacher, from Staten Island Playwrights collected, Brooke Haramijia from Sundog theatre, Mike Veasey from Seaview and Dori Aspinwall from the Shakesperian theatre group all pitched in with advice and lessons that was so appreciated.  The actors also had many challenges not only learning their parts but adding in special effects.  Blood packs, homemade vomit, zombie makeup, fake knives that oozed blood were used and timing was crucial to make the effects work.

Other contributors were artist Stephanie Kosinski who painted the tarp canvas, Patti Kelly who helped with changing of the sets, Caitlin Arizmendy who did all the special effect and of course the seventeen actors who spent hours rehearsing and perfecting their parts.  

We had so much fun with this challenging show.  Everyone went beyond their comfort zone, figuring out how to make things work.  There is nothing like this on Staten Island, said producer Kimbra Eberly. All three performance days were sold out.  This speaks volumes and It is our hope to start a longstanding tradition of horror theatre on Staten Island.

Producer /Visual Artist/Poet      Doug LaTourette  
Producer /Writer/Director           Kimbra Eberly 
Writer Director                           Lawrence Schwabacher 
Writer /Actor                               Chris Mancusso 
Writer/Actress/stage Manager   Brooke Haramija 
Tech/ lighting                              Miriam Silver 
Technical Director                      Kenny Graham
Director                                       Jodi Garda 
Director/Actor                             Mike Veasey
Performance Art/Actress           Vivan Vassar  
Performance Art/Actress           Mary Campbell
Actress                                       Margaret Chase
Actress                                       Dorri Aspinwall 
Actress                                       Casrissa Pignatell  
Actress                                      June Chen   
Actress /Musician                      Rina Sklar Dabjoub  
Actress                                      Shani Mitchell   
Actor                                         Daniel Wuerdeman  
Actor                                        Calvin Motte  
Actor                                         Michael Somogyl 
Actor                                          Tyler Cuccinello   
Actor                                          Anthony Casino   
Actor                                          Ray Vazquez  
Caitlin Alyce Arizmendy - Make up / Special Effects  
Behind the scenes and Participants/ assistant
Hector Boso - Actor (lizzie borden film)
Jay Sayers- Carpentry
Patti Kelly - Artist/ Installation assist
Stephanie Kosinski - Artist/ Installation
Cassie Lola Arizmendy -Make up assist /Actress
Aaron Wineman - Special Effects
David Altair- Severed head mechanics/design